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Mini Crystal Mushroom

Mini Crystal Mushroom

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Your choice of a miniature mushroom carved from genuine crystal.
~1” in height

These items are natural. Imperfections including small cracks may be present.

Choose from:

Green Aventurine (Light or Dark) - Boosts creativity, increases motivation, protects, soothes and calms emotions, facilitates contact with spirit guides, known for being lucky.

Jasper - Increases courage, strongly grounding, encourages honesty, can aid in dream recall

Larvikite - dispels negative energy

Clear Quartz - Enhances psychic ability, amplifies other crystals, helps to focus your mind

Amethyst - Known as the all healer, stimulates creativity, excellent for meditation and spirituality.

Tiger's Eye - Strong protection and grounding crystal, promotes trust, aids in intuition and courage, increases awareness and understanding

Milky Quartz - Helps to dispel negative thoughts, heightens intuition and mental clarity, invokes strength and resourcefulness

Labradorite - Increases mental sharpness, provides a boost of inspiration, calms an overactive mind, helps with change.
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